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Creature Comforts Animal Hospital – veterinarian in Grand Junction is a full service clinic, specializing in both Western medicine and Eastern medicine. At Creature Comforts, we have two prioritized goals: to provide the furry member of your family with quality veterinarian care and to create pet advocates from pet owners. This is because there is a huge difference between owning a pet and advocating for a pet.


Your pet cannot speak therefore it is important for you to speak on your pets behalf by advocating for their needs. Advocating for your pet will improve the quality of your pet’s life in the present and ensure a long, healthy future. We’ll show you first-hand what we mean about advocating for your pet when you bring your furry friend in for a visit.


As a veterinarian in Grand Junction that takes great pride in giving pets thorough exams and in listening to our clients. Listening to the client’s needs and carefully examining pets enables us to create a wellness package custom designed and personalized our clients’ beloved pets. At Creature Comforts, Dr. Johnson “looks at your pet as a whole and not just the whole pet.”

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We’re also proud to offer alternative veterinarian medicine and we excitedly perform veterinarian Grand Junction house calls. To learn more about our full-service animal hospital, take a virtual tour of our clinic or contact us today!


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